Stages of Application

  1. Ensure that the product is properly mixed and stirred well before use. Check the shade of the color prior to placing in the appropriate pot for spraying. Be sure to filter the paint prior to use through a fine filter.

  2. Set up the spray gun correctly for the job. The fan size, fluid flow rate and application speed will depend on the number and size of the objects.

  3. First apply a moderate coat to lightly cover the surface, and then cover all edges and surface protrusions. This coat is essential. Allow a flash-off time of about 10-20 minutes. The presence of any silicones will be immediate at this point, as fish eyes, dimples, or craters.

  4. Apply a second moderate coat. This may be done in a number of passes, depending on the spray gun positioning and physical set-up. Care should be taken to not allow runs to form.  It is essential that several even coats be applied rather than one heavy coat.
    It must be remembered that the product has to be applied in even coats. Never apply in heavy coats, as excessive coating will lead to problems. The Approved Applicator must ensure that the average thickness of the coating shall be a minimum of 50 microns on all the exposed external surfaces.

  5. Allow the component to thoroughly cure.