What is Waterborne Kolorbond?

Waterborne KolorBond s a thermoplastic aliphatic polyurethane-acrylic-hybrid dispersion system. The thermoplastic characteristic means that the cured film will become soft upon the introduction of heat, but will regain its original properties upon cooling. The application of heat and pressure will soften the polymer with the possibility to take on new shapes. This alkaline aqueous system has anionic characteristics. The electron withdrawing groups to the double-bonded carbons form stable anions. A great degree of film uniformity is included with components, including water, co-solvents, and polymers in the continuous phase. This type of coating exhibits drying by evaporation as the curing process. Normal evaporation takes place in low to moderate relative humidity. As the evaporation process continues molecular reactions occur to polymerize the coating. Chemical bonding of the coating to the micro-surface of the substrate brings forth the product’s performance properties. The air circulation on the film formation process is important. Force drying at elevated temperatures circulates the air in the oven to increase the rate of evaporation. High relative humidity is resolved through force drying.